San Esters Corporation: STEARYL ACRYLATE (STA)
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PropertiesSpecificationsTypical Properties
Color when shipped (APHA)60 Max.n/a
Specific gravity (20C/4C)0.857-0.863n/a
Acidity (As Methacrlic acid) %0.1 Max.n/a
Purity % - PSDBn/an/a
Purity % - Brominationn/an/a
Purity % - Gaschromatography98.0 Min.(*)n/a
Purity % - Othersn/an/a
Water when shipped (By Karl Fisher) %0.1 Max.n/a
Inhibitors - HQ ppmn/a
Inhibitors - MEHQ ppm180-220
Inhibitors - IA ppmn/a
Package & Net weight120kgs net drum
Formula weight324.53
Refractive index (nDn/a
Viscosity (mPss,20C)11(cps/30?)
Freezing point C30
Specifuc heat J/(g C)n/a
Heat of polymerization kJ/moln/a
Boiling point C/hPa153-188?/3mmHg
Solubility % 20C - Water inn/a
Solubility % 20C - In watern/a
Flash point C191(Open cup)
Toxicity (Acute oral LD50,rats,mg/kg)n/a
Tg of Polymern/a