San Esters Corporation: 2-Hydroxyethly Methacrylate (HEMA)
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PropertiesSpecificationsTypical Properties
Color when shipped (APHA)30 max.10 max.
Specific gravity (20C/4C)1.069~1.0751.072
Acidity (As Methacrlic acid) %0.5 max.0.01
Purity % - PSDBn/an/a
Purity % - Bromination97.0 min.98.3
Purity % - Gaschromatographyn/an/a
Purity % - Othersn/an/a
Water when shipped (By Karl Fisher) %0.3 max.0.03
Inhibitors - HQ ppmn/a
Inhibitors - MEHQ ppm200,250
Inhibitors - IA ppmn/a
Package & Net weight200kg Chem. drum
Formula weight130.15
Refractive index (nD1.4537
Viscosity (mPss,20C)6.79
Freezing point CBelow -60
Specifuc heat J/(g C)1.97
Heat of polymerization kJ/mol50.0
Boiling point C/hPa95/13.3, 87/6.7, 68/1.3
Solubility % 20C - Water in8
Solubility % 20C - In water8
Flash point C109
Toxicity (Acute oral LD50,rats,mg/kg)5,050
Tg of Polymer55