San Esters parent companies Mitsubishi Chemical and Osaka Organic Chemical Co. ltd are members of the Japanese Chemical Industry Association (JCIA or Nikkakyo), and fully adhere to their guiding principles for improvement on Environment, Health , and Safety as itemized below.

San Esters as part of these companies also insures its operations fully comply with these principles and the principles of Responsible Care programs of JCIA's sister Responsible Care organizations in the USA.

All commercial orders and samples require verification that the chemicals supplied will be at all times properly handled by trained personnel; used in safe, secure & properly permitted facilities and used for applications which are consistent with Responsible Care Initiatives worldwide.

Guiding Principles for JCIA:


The chemical industry, as an important member of society, should recognize its responsibility for the contribution to society, the protection of environment and the assurance of health and safety, and also, should take care to harmonize its business activities with the protection of the global environment in accordance with the principle of suitable development”, and thus should endeavor to increase the trust of society.

For this purpose, we, the members of Japan Chemical Industry Association, pledge to manage our business activities in accordance with the following principles of “Responsible Care”’ and to continue further effort for protecting the environment and for ensuring health and safety.

Furthermore, we shall promote our association’s activities and cooperation with others in order to promote better understanding and implementation of these Guiding Principles.

  1. To evaluate business activities and define the management policies from the view point of “Responsible Care” to safeguard the environment, health and safety concerning our products in their whole life cycle from research and development to waste disposal, and make all employees realize the importance of the management policies.

  2. To conduct the safe operation of plants and facilities so as to ensure the protection of the environment and the assurance of health and safety to employees and the public, and also take care to secure the environment, health and safety during the transport, use and disposal of our products.

  3. To promote the reasonable measures for the reduction of pollutants that are a burden on the environment in our operations and the re-use and the recycling of wastes.

  4. To promote furthermore the saving of resources and energy for contributing to the conservation of limited resources and the global environment.

  5. To give environmental, health and safety considerations a priority in our planning for the products and manufacturing processes.

  6. To develop safe products and process technologies by investigating all the aspects of environment, health and safety in the initial stages of research and development.

  7. To promote the research and investigation on the health, safety and environmental effects of our products and materials handled.

  8. To provide customers the necessary information on the safe use and handling of chemical products.

  9. To be sensitive to the concerns of the administrators and the public on our products and operations, and to make an effort for communication so as to build the correct understanding.

  10. To cooperate in the international transfer of environmental technology, and also, to respond actively for the protection of environment and the assurance of health and safety on the occasion of business activities in overseas areas.