San Esters is a leading supplier of methacrylate and specialty acrylate monomers. The wide variety of monomers available provides adhesive, paint and coating industries with new opportunities for developing environmentally compliant products with significantly improved properties. San Esters welcomes inquiries on custom manufacturing and special purity requirements.

San Ester Corp. is the joint venture of three companies: MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL AMERICA INC., OSAKA ORGANIC CHEMICALS IND. LTD. and KOWA AMERICAN CORP. The Name "San Esters" was derived from the Japanese word SAN, meaning three, to represent the three owners.

San Ester has a number of Quality Awards from companies such as Union Carbide(now Dow Chemical), Eastman Chemical and Witco(now G.E. Silicones). These awards are for 100% on time delivery, superior quality product and complete coverage of all new material and/or delivery requirements.

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc.. (MCA) is a large vertically integrated chemical, fiber and plastics manufacturer in Japan. A large part of their product lines are derived from their worldscale production of MMA monomer which include higher methacrylic esters, PMMA sheet, plastic impact modifiers, acrylic film, optical fibers, acrylic casting powders, and numerous coating resins.

MCA also has acrylonitrile derivatives such as ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate) and PAN carbon fiber products. Their pharmaceutical intermediate group has hydrogen cyanide derivatives with new emphasis on optically active compounds derived from Nitralase, Nitrile Hydratase, Amidase and Esterase. Misc. items produced by MCA incude Biaryl compounds, chelating agents: ASDA & EDTA, specialty hollow fiber membrane filters and products for electronic conductive lithography. Please click below website for information and contacts on MCA's non-monomer products:

Osaka Organic offers over 50 alkyl and multi-functional acrylates that are used both in conventional and radiation curable coatings. Osaka Organic has the unique ability to respond quickly to customer requirements for special products and purities.

Osaka Organic produces a number of acrylate monomers in commercial quantities that are not readily available elsewhere in the world. This allows formulators increased flexibility in developing new acrylate-based UV & EB curable coatings.

Two of the newest acrylate monomers produced by Osaka Organic are 4 hydroxybutyl acrylate and Methoxy PEG monoacrylate (MPEG 550 Acrylate), both of which offer paint resin manufacturers significantly better properties over traditional monomers.

Osaka Organic Chemical also makes specialty acrylate oligomers, dioxolane, and "SNOVA", an artificial acrylic snow for indoor skiing. Their specialty organic chemical group manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates or API's such as Aryl boronic esters, chiral glycidic acid derivatives, piperidine derivatives and pyrrolidine derivatives.

Kowa American Corp. Chemical Division works constantly for wide variety of business opportunities, contributing to the versatility of the marketing functions of San Esters Corp.

Kowa American Corp. has been active outside Japan for years, with successful tie-ups with customers for new products such as specialty monomers, isocyanates and viscosity modifiers.

The variety of products it handles is enormous, ranging from basic materials such as Petrochemicals to fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Kowa has also sourced and has available a wide variety of complementary monomers to the SEC product line.

Lucite International and its USA subsidiary Lucite USA were purchased by Mitsubishi Chemical in 2009, Lucite International and Lucite USA complement Mitsubishi Chemical's existing worldwide MMA and methacrylate esters production. Lucite USA's HQ and main production facility are located in Memphis, TN. Lucite manufactures MMA, butyl methacrylate (BMA), isobutyl methacrylate (IBMA), ethyl methacrylate (EMA) and ethylhexyl methacrylate (EHMA) in the USA.

Please contact Lucite directly for any inquiries for these monomers in North America.
Phone 800-458-2483 ext 2003 or 2437 or by
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